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The entire iGaming suite in the state of Michigan continues to grow, but it is online poker that is offering players the biggest potential payouts.

There are only a handful of states in the US with online poker, and Michigan is becoming one of the leaders.

Both BetMGM and PokerStars offer online poker in Michigan, and they both held some big tournaments during the month of September. Interstate poker is reportedly still coming to the state, but there is still plenty of action in the meantime.

These online poker tournaments are expected to continue throughout the year, and the figures that are discussed below could be even bigger in the coming months.

BetMGM Sees Big Turnouts

The BetMGM Online Series in September concluded in Michigan, and there was $357,000 worth of prize money handed out during the event. There were ten tournaments that took place throughout the month, with Sundays being the biggest day for these events.

The BetMGM Online Series actually handed out more prize money during the month of August, but the site continues to see more participants. BetMGM only guaranteed $240,000 in prize money during the September series, but several tournaments had double or triple the amount of expected entries.

Buy-ins for these tournaments ranged from $20 all the way up to $1,060 for the final event of the month. There were a total of 3,829 entries throughout the month, and BetMGM did have to deal with some overlays last month.

September was the sixth consecutive month of this event since the online poker site launched back in March. The total prize pool last month was the third-largest offered up to this point, but the number of participants dictates the final tally.

The BetMGM Online Series for October will run from the 24-31, and there is already information offered on the BetMGM online site.

MICOOP Has Massive Purse

PokerStars is a company that has plenty of experience when it comes to offering online poker tournaments, and it is competing head-to-head with BetMGM in Michigan. PokerStars held the Michigan Championship of Online Poker (MICOOP) event last month, and its purse was much larger than what BetMGM could offer.

This was an 18-day event, and there were 68 different tournaments that took place during the crowded schedule. Online poker players in Michigan racked up nearly $1.8 million in prize money during these tournaments.

This was the second time that PokerStars has held an event of this size and magnitude in Michigan, with the first coming all the way back in February and March. There were over 18,000 entrants into the tournaments at PokerStars, and buy-ins ranged from $10 up to $1,000.

PokerStars offers online poker in Michigan, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, and it held similar events in all three states. The Pennsylvania version of this event was the largest, but Michigan actually outperformed New Jersey in this latest round.

BetMGM should draw all of the attention in October as PokerStars will not be hosting a large event.

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